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Jun 23, 2020
Granite Kitchen Counter Top — San Leandro, CA — Best Marble & Granite Company
Granite is a great choice for kitchen countertop material. The igneous rock is naturally dense, which gives it antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities. What's more, this density means that granite doesn't stain. These qualities also mean you can easily maintain granite's beauty, even in a hardworking kitchen.

Additionally, because you have so many customization options, granite complements pretty much any kitchen décor, which is why granite continues to be one of the most popular material choices for kitchen countertops. However, there are a lot of choices to make even once you've settled on granite. Discover three things to consider as you decide what granite countertops to get.

1. Coloration
The composition of granite consists chiefly of quartz and feldspar. The ratio of those two, along with the small amounts of other minerals - mostly mica and amphiboles - make up the main coloration of granite.

The most common colors of granite countertops are brown, beige, gray, and pink. These are suitable for most kitchen décor. Black and white are dramatic granite colors that complement modern kitchens. As Home and Garden TV points out, white granite can also be used to create a more open look in a small kitchen.

Red, blue, and green granite are less common for kitchen countertops because they create a bold profile. You can use these colors for your kitchen, but you must approach it carefully. For instance, it might make sense to use one of these bold colors just for an island while using a complementary color for the rest of the countertops.

2. Patterning
The composition of granite also affects the patterning within the slab. Granite has three basic patterns. 

Solid-colored granite features almost no variation in coloration. Solid white granite is very rare. However, solid black and charcoal gray are more common choices. These are suitable for those mod kitchens in which you want a striking profile. Solid patterning in lighter colors, such as beige or gray, works well to keep a clean look in small kitchens.

Marbled granite features veins of coloration that create a smooth texture. Naturally, these veins make marbled granite look like marble. While these slabs can look striking in contemporary kitchens, they look beautiful with old-world décor.

Speckled granite is probably the most common pattern option, and it's probably what you envision when you picture granite countertops. This pattern features great variation in the colors, which gives the slab a textured look. Speckled patterning can range from small variations to big specks throughout the slab.

Speckled patterning does add visual interest. If the specks are small, you can use them with more décor styles. However, big specks can look busy. With these slabs, the rest of your décor should be simple and understated.

3. Finish
How the granite is finished has a significant impact on its appearance and functionality.

Polished finishes are the most common. Fabricators polish the slab to a smooth, glossy surface. Not only does this emphasize the beauty of the patterning, but it provides the least porous option. That means it's even more impervious to staining.

A honed finish looks beautiful with solid-colored granite, especially black or charcoal. With this finish, fabricators still smooth the surface of the slab, they just don't polish it. The result is a non-reflective, satiny sheen. Honed granite isn't as non-porous as the polished finish.

Leathered granite is a relatively unique option. Fabricators rub diamond-tipped brushes across the honed surface. The result, as the name suggests, is a leather-like texture. This surface is less porous than honed granite, and it still highlights the patterning.

Any granite countertop you have in your kitchen will usually complement the décor. Sometimes, the best idea is to come in and fall in love with a slab of granite. Contact Best Marble & Granite Company today, and let our experts help you choose the best granite for your countertops.
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