Pump and Water Tank Replacement in Reno, NV

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Your home’s water tank and pump play a vital role in your home’s plumbing system. If you need a pump and water tank replacementinReno, NV, call Bruce MacKay Pump & Well Service. We will make sure you have a pump and water tank that fit your needs. 
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When You Need a Replacement 

Your pump will give you several signs that it needs to be replaced. You may also want a replacement for your own reasons. Here are a few common reasons to consider a pump and water tank replacement: 
  • Frequent repair: If you’ve had problems with consistently dirty water or decreased water pressure, even after repairs, you most likely need a new pump. Additionally, if your electric bills continue to be high after repairs, you may need a replacement pump. 
  • Expansion: If you have added on to your home or expanded the size of your family, you may benefit from a water tank replacement. Since a water tank is in charge of storing water, increased water use may require a bigger tank, depending on the amount. 
  • Age: Most pumps last between 8 and 10 years, which means if yours has reached that age, now may be the time to consider replacement. We can install a new pump and tank that better meets your needs and will last for years. 
Whatever the reason you need to replace your well pump and water tank, trust Bruce MacKay Pump & Well Service to do the job. 

Who to Trust 

Our team has provided pump and tank repairs and replacements since 1981, and we have used these decades of service to become experts in our field. We can help you decide whether you need to replace and what brand to choose. 

If you are considering a water tank or pump replacement in Reno, NV, or a surrounding area, call us today at 7758511600
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