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Detailed Planning Consultation
Before designing your website, the planning stage is very important. During your consultation, we will assist you in gathering the materials and content needed. We'll also do competitive market research to understand your industry, what's working and what niches are available. Using this information, we'll present preliminary designs for your inspection, and once they're approved, we'll begin building your website.
Custom Branded Website Design
The branding of your website is also very important. If you need a logo or have a logo that needs to be print ready, we will guide you through the steps needed for branding for your business for a consistent design through all your mediums, print, website, email etc.
Shopping Cart Setup (if needed)
All shopping carts are built with Woocommerce and WordPress. By using these services, you'll be able to manage your products, inventory, customer orders and more.
Google SEO
Search engine optimization is best done during the building of the website. By doing this, we'll be able to adhere to Google's strict guidelines on keywords, titles, descriptions, page names, image names and more. Once the optimization (SEO) is complete, we will get you listed with Google business and Google Webmaster tools.
Fully Managed
We handle all aspects of website hosting, IP address and email while you focus on your business. Management is all included with your monthly price.
SSL certificate and Patches
All aspects of security are managed for you, ongoing. We provide an SSL certificate, giving your customers secure transactions within your shopping cart. The SSL is the lock that appears on your website on the top left-hand corner, signifying that your credit card information Is safe and secure.
Training Videos and Ongoing Support
We provide training videos on how to edit Pages, create content and manage your shopping cart. Our Rocket HTML Premium Support is available from 8AM to 8PM Monday through Saturday.
Manage Yourself
Once the website is complete, you’ll be able to manage all aspects of the website, including building/managing pages, images and content throughout the website.

5 Pages - $270 monthly免费彩票资料大全资料

15 Pages & 10 Item Store - $460 monthly免费彩票资料大全资料

50 Pages & 50 Item Store - $880 monthly免费彩票资料大全资料


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